Same Day Completion: Terms and Conditions

“Same Day Completion” means a qualifying return will be ready for your signature by close of business on any day all information necessary to complete an accurate return is received by noon. If information is received after noon, “Same Day Completion” will mean a qualifying return will be ready by close of business the following day. “Qualifying Return” means only those returns with only the forms and return attributes listed in the estimate calculator, and no others. The “Same Day Completion” fee estimate will be honored if all forms and attributes you enter in the calculator are accurate; otherwise the fee will be adjusted to reflect the actual forms and attributes on the completed return. “Same Day Completion” days, and professional team members assigned, are designated at our discretion, and though we will do our best to accommodate you, availability is on a first come, first served basis, and cannot be guaranteed. Fees must be paid in full upon completion of the return, and may be paid at {CART}. Returns will not be delivered or e-filed without payment in full.