Tax Planning & Preparation

If you regard an appointment with your accountant with the same dull enthusiasm as an annual dentist visit, perhaps it’s time to switch to Cavanagh Ringelman, CPAs. We help make the whole experience a positive one.

A good tax result requires planning. We try to see all of our clients at least twice per year—once in the fall to review the year’s events (no matter how encouraging or disappointing) to project financial results and tax liability, and then again at tax time. Some clients see us every fiscal quarter for fine tuning. Managing your affairs for a stellar tax outcome puts you, not the government, in charge of the result.

In the preparation process, we give you tools to organize your information. You will find we ask a lot of questions, and often additional questions based on your answers. We don’t just take what you bring in and put it on forms—H&R Block does that. You may find yourself with a homework list. We want you to dig for those receipts until every possible deduction to which you are entitled has been considered. Our goal is to put more of your money back in your pocket.

After all those inquiries, your return is professionally prepared by your staff accountant who may contact you to clarify items or make suggestions for a better result. Your preparer will give you advance warning of unexpected amounts due so there are no surprises. When your preparer is satisfied with the result, the returns are sent up for reviews by a partner of the firm—at least two, sometimes as many as four. During the review process, accuracy is assured, new tax saving ideas bubble to the surface and the presentation is examined to reduce profile and risk. Not until this rigorous review is completed and all questions are cleared is the return signed by a partner and released for your disposition and e-filing. Quality is paramount and the review process is our key to assuring superior results, a very low audit rate and a better night’s sleep for you!