Elder Care Services

If you’re older, you may have taken care to plan for retirement. And yet, as life evolves, you may find yourself worrying about small things, like, “Did I pay that bill?” and “Did I file that tax return?” You may also worry about bigger questions, too, like, “How can I make sure my wishes are carried out when I’m gone without family drama?”

Cavanagh Ringelman, CPAs offers a range of elder care services tailored to each family to improve peace of mind in day-to-day matters, help maintain financial independence and improve communication among family members, caregivers and other advisors.

Our elder care services include:

– Banking and bill paying
– Personal bookkeeping
– Monitoring expenses for unusual items
– Monitoring income to make sure all expected sources have come through, including required minimum distributions from retirement plans
– Monitoring of investment activity, CD maturity dates, etc.
– Legal payroll processing and tax reporting for domestic employees and caregivers
– Coordinating with lawyers, healthcare providers, caregivers and care facilities
– Financial reporting to client and relatives regularly pursuant to client wishes
– Independent fiduciary and trustee services
– Safekeeping of records and documents via our Web-based “Virtual Lockbox©”