Our Team

Michael Cavanagh, CPA
Managing Director

I get a lot of satisfaction from my relationships with clients; getting to know them well over time, and being relied on for advice and direction in their business and financial lives.  I get a real sense of accomplishment when an idea or observation pays off in old money saved or new money made, or even more simply, when a client is freed from worry.  Equally satisfying is seeing the young professionals on our Team develop and grow into really good accountants, day by day.

I enjoy domestic road trips and foreign travel with my wife; as much time as I can get from my grown boys; sailing every chance I get; reading, particularly maritime fiction and non-fiction; my herb garden and gardening in general; cooking and grilling of course, in search of the perfect pork chop; and not least at all, my dog Cal, named for the unparalleled California Golden Bears.

Lisa Ringelman, CPA

We have really great clients and I have enjoyed working with and getting to know them over the years.  We also have a great team and I am proud that they care about and value those client relationships.

My joy outside of work comes from spending time with family.  Traveling with my husband, parents, children and grandchildren is absolutely my favorite thing to do and I love planning our next vacation.  I also enjoy the company of my crazy rescue dogs who never cease to make me laugh.

Norman Rivas Jr.
Staff Accountant

I enjoy the sense of fulfillment when accepting and solving new challenges.  I also like knowing I’ve helped someone.  Even if it’s something small, if their day is better because of it, then so is mine.

Outside of work, I like to be with family and friends.  I would call it a wasted weekend if I’m not with them.  Some of my side hobbies are reading, writing, archery, hiking, and going to the movies.

Leah Medina
Tax & Accounting Specialist

What I enjoy most about work is the gratification of knowing that I’ve helped someone; whether it’s a client or a team member.

My personal life… I love the simple things in life. Seeing my son grow and thrive. Watching movies at home and vegging out. And most of all, I love waking up and knowing that my family is happy and healthy.

Brenda Sep

Brenda Spruill
Office Manager

Working here has been a learning experience for me since day one and still is today. Team members are always willing to help and do what is necessary so that we get the work done and satisfy our clients.

I have two wonderful sons, a church I love, and a community full of history and beauty. I enjoy music, sports and volunteering. I serve as a docent for the Biennial Edenton Pilgrimage Tour of Historic Homes. Edenton is often called “The Prettiest Little Town in the South” and I totally agree.